We understand how difficult is can be trying to find your perfect Host for your company. That's why at Disndat Hosting we make the choice simple! Whether you're looking to host 1 site, or 100 - We've got you covered.

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What we do



We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

It can be difficult setting up hosting and maintaining is so your website runs smoothly, that’s why at Disndat Hosting, all our servers are managed and maintained. Meaning with our 24/7 support, any issue you may encounter will be fixed immediately.



Web Hosting Made Easy!

Instead of purchasing your Domain, Hosting and Web Building package at separate companies, we make it easier than ever. Purchase everything you need to get your site online and running smoothly at Disndat Hosting. Domains start at $1.99, with our hosting plans also cheap as chips – From $4.99/ Month!

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Responsive Design
Easy Knowledge Base
Free Web Tools & Applications
24/7 Award Winning Support
Free Updates Lifetime

Our Management Team

Jessica Priston Leadership

Hi, I’m Jessica and I have more than ten years of experience in the Web Hosting industry. An avid lover…

John Franklin Director of Product

In 2013, I joined Disndat Hosting as Project and Product Manager while being responsible for the development and management of the…

Jack Alexa Reseller

I started with Disndat Hosting in 2012 as Community Manager, having 8+ years prior experience in web hosting. My background in…

India Lyndsey Billing Manager

I joined Disndat Hosting in 2007 as a Junior Billing Representative. A few years later I was promoted to a Billing…

Karla Alishana Tech and Engineering Team Leader

I joined Disndat Hosting in 2011 as a technical support staff member with three years of IT experience in a…

Alen Devonate Developer

With a long and fascinating background in Forensic Science, I made the decision over twenty years ago to join the…